Monday, June 27, 2005
Another busy weekend 

I went on a fast-food and movie date after work on Saturday and it was nice. :) We had fried chicken and laughed ourselves silly watching Madagascar.

That night I went for the
Lighthouse Evangelism miracle service- some of us had gone down to accompany my colleague who was unable to conceive and plagued with stomach pains.

I felt the powerful presence of God the moment I entered into the sanctuary and was deeply ministered to by their worship. They had trumpet players and tambourine dancers! I witnessed countless of testimonies of people who had been healed in the name of Jesus - stroke, fibroid growth, leg fractures, constant eye blinking, pain in the jointsm, cancer tumours... Nothing short of amazing. I hope to be able to bring my mother down soon, so that she can see and believe the reality of my faith. :)

Sunday went by in a flurry of activities - Bible Study, Sunday service, viewing of new church place, lunch with my CG and a bit of a shopping spree. It's the Great Singapore Sale's fault! Everything was on offer everywhere and it was the last day. Really.

And one thing I have always loved about my job was that I could dress casual (i.e. jeans and flats). But it gets better- we're doing our annual stock take the next 3 days and I just found out we can wear SHORTS! (Pardon me. ;))

Meeting Nat for coffee tonight and am looking forward to it. :)

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