Thursday, June 23, 2005
Big dreams 

This year I hope to:

1. Improve my Thai
2. Go on a mission trip to India
3. Learn knitting (inspired by
4. Bring one friend to Christ
5. Multiply my CG

In other news, last week I made a new biker friend and had my virgin riding experience! It was so... refreshingly different to travel along the PIE out in the open and with the wind beating against your face.

I think I got addicted to the thrill of riding, mildly tempted to get a bike license but it's just one of those fleeting insane thoughts I entertain to spice up my life. I'm still too much of a girly-girl to pass off as a biker chick, although I must say I look pretty convincing with my lion mane and leather jacket. ;)

Oops, better get back to work.

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