Friday, July 8, 2005
Leaving on Tuesday 

I have a mountain load of work before I go on my one-week mission trip on Tuesday. Not fun.

But I am surprisingly awake despite having less than 4 hours of sleep last night- was up wrapping presents for our Thai friends at the two universities we will be visiting.

It’s amazing how God has been working out the smallest details for the trip for me- I had a one-time 30% gift voucher from Tecman and bought 15 Christian journals as presents, but the girl actually returned the voucher to me after she keyed in my purchase and told me I could use it again! (I saved about $77 ;))

Then I went home and found a thick roll of pretty wrapping paper someone had given me a long long time ago and used it to wrap the gifts, together with a thin white ribbon and manila gift tags to create a pretty parcel. More savings!

And I have already picked out and packed all the clothes for the trip into my giant Nike duffle bag. You can tell how excited I am, heh.

Met with
Ad on my way home for a cup of coffee and she showed me all the necklaces she had made and being the darling that she is, she gave me one! And we’ll be going bead-shopping soon!!!

We had a great time sharing heart-to-heart. It’s nice to know that despite the fact that we only meet up to talk when she’s back about once a year, it still feels like we’re such close friends. I have known her for a decade now, so we go a looong way back. Hawaii 1995, remember? ;)

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