Thursday, November 17, 2005
All grown-up 

I'm preaching my first sermon of sorts tomorrow at the YA meeting. For all my eloquence and gregariouness, I am not a public speaker. Acting is different, because it's all scripted and I'm pretending to be someone else.

I struggled. And struggled. AND struggled.

But I wanted to challenge myself, to move out of my comfort zone and believe that He can do bigger things than my own limitations and I thank God for the inspiration and clarity of thought that came this morning, and I finally typed out 5 pages of sharing! "Am I called? Preparing yourself for missions."

Now I'm excited to share with the YA what I have prepared, and I pray it all goes well. :)

Also, I just applied for a personal residential phone line, yay! I've been thinking about it for forever and I finally got down to doing it today. It's be activated on Tuesday, the day before I fly off, heh. If you're important enough, you should have received my number via SMS, but in case I missed anyone out, you can ask me for it. :)

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