Sunday, November 20, 2005
I am the Salt and Light 

I skipped church today, because it was my grandfather's 92nd birthday and they were having a lunch celebration at my aunt's. I went, because for years I have missed out on important family events and I decided that I should show face. I'll upload the photos when my cousin does. :)

Yesterday night I had a sumptious seafood dinner with my mum and her Thai friend Kat at Newton's Circus. I ended up being a mini-celebrity, because (follow me here) my mum's clients who has two stalls there live in Whampoa where my church does community outreach, and they recognized me and started bombarding me with questions about my Christmas service! Little Jim wouldn't leave my side and was broadcasting his every move on the Gameboy for me to appreciate. Even my mum was surprised by the reception I received and commented that "they see (me) like see angel from heaven"!

Something that touched my heart was when I was about to leave, one of the ladies proclaimed that I must inform her if there's any "Jesus activities", because she was a friend of Jesus! It was a bold statement considering she was surrounded by her family members who were staunch Buddhists. How amazing, to be able to understand what Jesus meant when he said to be the salt and light of the earth, that men would praise our Father in heaven when they see us.

3 more days to my departure. For some reason I woke up two nights ago with a sick feeling in my stomach and each approaching day brings a growing sense of fear and dread, like I'm just not prepared enough, like I need a lot more time and am going to mess everything up. It must be a spiritual attack, so do pray for me!

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