Thursday, December 22, 2005
A busy Christmas 

3 more days to Christmas!

I spent the whole of last week training for the dance and the first half of this week rehearsing for the drama. Tonight I'm having a leader's meeting and then to D's for an overnight dance practice. Tomorrow's be more dancing, packing the new friends' welcome pack and then the full dress rehearsal for both performances.

For the drama, I have all of 5 minutes of screen time and no dialogue, ironically my hardest role to date. It's more like a slow dance really- I play the disillusioned wife of a man who cheats on him after her repeated attempts to communicate with him fails, and in the end she leaves him. There's a pre-recorded voice-over of my final argument with him, but other than that it's just movement and facial expressions. I'm going to try to immerse myself totally in the role, because someone commented I look more like I'm going to murder him when I first walk on stage, haha!

I must be the busiest unemployed person around.

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