Sunday, April 23, 2006
Days of anonymity 

Some days I wake up and decide not to care.

I tie up my hair, throw on a tee-shirt with my denim shorts and go out with my dorky red glasses on.

While I believe it's important to look presentable, it's nice to fade into anonymity once in a while. To know that nobody will notice you and you can just be yourself.

Even the hawker overcharged me for my meal, but I was too tired to argue or ask. I nonchalantly accepted the change, took my food and walked home.

Today I woke up and it was already past 10- my church service had started and I had stomach cramps and my entire being so tired it was a matter of seconds before I lapsed into sleep again.

It could have been the vodka shot yesterday.

They decided to revive the Social Committee at work and had a party at my APAC manager's posh service apartment in town. There was a lot of food involved, and as all wild parties go, free flow of alcohol.

My team lost in a game of charades, and for our forfeit I had to choose between a shot or eating a slice of orange. No thanks to my strange phobia of fruits, I chose a shot of raspberry vodka. All I felt was a burning sensation inside of me.

And then everyone was convinced, all in the name of "good fun", to take photos in suggestive poses. Boys with girls, girls with boys, boys with boys and girls with girls.

Should I have made some excuse to leave? What would you have done?

I feel like my life has changed so much since I started work at BB three months ago. It is funny that I should say this because I held two other jobs before this, but they were in small local firms and doesn't feel like a "real" job compared to being in the corporate world.

I earn almost twice as much as when I first graduated less than two years ago, which translates to higher expenditure and a different lifestyle. The way I dress, talk and think has evolved. Looking at photos I took last Christmas, it feels like I was so naive and juvenile before.

I am not losing my faith. But I cannot deny that my life has changed.

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