Thursday, April 27, 2006
Happy birthday J :) 

Happy Birthday J!

Our darling J turned 27 today,

But he didn't like me taking pictures of him with my mobile,

Jo had to force herself on him,

And I gave him my best kissy face.

We had an Italian feast at Boat Quay
and took a beautiful stroll
to the very posh Fullerton
where we had drinks and shared a cheesecake,
and cajoled half the bar
to join in the birthday song.

He's one of my best friends in the office
and I genuinely missed him
when he went back to Australia
for an entire week-
at least he brought back
Tim Tam for everyone.

He says
I remind him of the girl next door he grew up with
And I say
He reminds me of my dear Ahred
And that's how it all started.

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