Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ahred is back.

So much has happened and yet so little has changed in the one year he was gone, and I do feel that we have been brought closer by the turn of circumstances. It's nice to have someone who knows me from before and understands what I am going through.

Tonight was perfect.

With Ahred I can be dressed like a sloppy university hostelite and sipping kopi in the Arts canteen and I would be just as happy. When I was still an undergrad, we had our Thursday dates that usually consisted of a foreign film and some decent food. I was much poorer then, but I never thought of those days as being inferior to the lifestyle I lead now, because I had him for company and we always had fun.

But I wanted a chi-chi evening, and my wish was granted.

We had quiche and to-die-for chocolate truffle cake at
Cedele Bakery Depot, followed by book shopping at Borders where I bought my Beginner's Spanish book & CD set, and across the road to the Japanese supermarket at Isetan where everything reminded Ahred of his days in Fukuoka. And then we trooped back to Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place for dinner because he was craving for Japanese cuisine and we had to wait half an hour for seats, but the food and ambience was so amazing it was well worth the wait! After dinner we had a stroll down Orchard Road which took forever because we took turns to stop at every other tented stall... We finally ended our night at Paragon with CD browsing at Gramaphone and coffee at Starbucks.

I heart Ahred so much! And he hearts me too, because he actually took the Starbucks mug he was drinking from for me and made a mad dash for the exit...

Who said Singapore was boring? They obviously don't have the Uniquely Singapore brochure! (Hahahaha, private joke.)

I wish everything was videotaped and I could replay it over and over and over again.

ありがとう, Ahred.

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