Sunday, August 27, 2006
Palawan magic 

Summer party CD invite and entry tag

For all my Singaporean-ness, I've never been a big fan of Sentosa, but tonight Palawan beach was transformed into one big magical playground and I had one of the best summer days of my life.

Tyldie and her crazy retro outfit. Alex. Ahred. Me. El cleapo tikam-tikam. Broken dress strap. Human trampoline. Free flow of booze. Annoying bartenders. Long Island. 50's-style diner with home-made chocolate muffins and mini hamburgers. Buffet spread. Sitting by the playground. Good coffee. Big white tents. Perfect weather. Industrial fans. Neon beach mats and polka-dotted cushions. The one and only Buddy Loren. Crazy angmoh kids. Vodka and triple sec. Beach stroll. Southernmost point of Asia. Reminiscing about how dramatically our lives have changed in one year. Haresh drunk. Boogie woogie with Ahred and the kool gang in the moonlight.

So it turns out Rody had a night out with his team in Little Italy and wished I was there, and here I was wishing that he could have hung out with me today...

Quote of the night: "Where did you learn how to dance you heathen girl?"

Who said I was drunk?
More photos to come

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