Sunday, August 6, 2006
Three men and an exotic lady 

So Jeff is in town again, and this time it's not a big secret seeing as he openly badged into the office on a Friday afternoon. In my usual unrestrained style, I ran up to Front Desk and gave him a hug in full view of everyone else busy working.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when he's here?

I had the most awful week at work and he was the only thing I was looking forward to for the weekend. I almost cried when his original flight got cancelled because of a typhoon and the trip nearly didn't happen.

Today I pushed aside all my plans and waited for him to call.

We met up at Orchard, and yes, I dressed up all pretty for a night out with the boys. They laughed at me but I walked proud in my chic black cropped pants and mighty high heels.

Everytime he's here, we look for a nice restaurant to eat at, which inevitably means we end up paying what we would pay for a week's worth of dinner and we order enough to feed a Third World nation. Tonight was no different- we had two salads, one salmon pizza and four main courses and it will probably take me one month of gym to work it off. Hahaha, what's my point?

I then suggested a midnight movie, and Joe insisted on watching Hard Candy, which indubitably left the boys more sickened than me. I squealed for half the movie, but Jeff had his hands over his eyes. And he was supposed to protect me! I wonder if he's getting any sleep tonight.

He bought us a round of Starbucks coffee before the movie, bless his soul, and I'm still kept awake by the iced mocha.

No photos, I guess the novelty of him being here is wearing off.

I tried to set him up with my sister when she was in Hong Kong for a short exchange trip, but the sparks never really flew. In fact, she left early to watch a street protest, and their second date never took place.

Jack tried to stir up controversy at the dinner table by asking Jeff if my sister or I were prettier. There was a momentary silence and I shot Jack a dirty look.

"Well..." Jeff ventured, but paused again.

"My sister's prettier. Say it! I'll save you the trouble."

"Well, honestly, your sister is prettier in the girl-next-door kinda way. But you, you are pretty in your own special way."

"My own special way?! Is that like, 'Hey you're ugly, but I'll call you special pretty?'"

"No, T," Jack the originator of the trouble butted in. "I think you have a very exotic quality about you. That's not a bad thing you know. I know I find you very exotic" He batted his eyelids at me and smiled.

I mustered a twisted smile and declared that I didn't mind my sister being prettier and I don't base my self-worth on my looks.

Jeff tried to redeem himself. "It's true, T, you have a very exotic face. Pretty can get boring, but exotic is hot."

We spent the rest of the night making stupid jokes about my exotic looks. I love how I can make fun of myself. But whatever.

"I can only judge a fellow by what he laughs at." - Wilson Mizner

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