Monday, October 9, 2006
You said goodbye, I said hello. 

Tylda quit today, leaving just three of us from the original party of five that trained together for Analytics.

And so I will allow myself just to cry a little.

She was the TT17 to my TT16, and people frequently mis-called me by her name or her by my name.

We spent countless hours on IB sharing about our life, our hopes and dreams, our crazy past and silly secrets. We went coffee tasting at every food establishment around the office until we found the perfect kopi at the traditional coffee shop opposite our office building and made it a daily after-lunch staple. We formed our happy lunch gang of the two of us and nicknamed the place we frequented "Caterpillar" because she found one in her plate of noodles. We fended off the self-invitation of a very unsavoury character to our group.

We hung out after work and continued talking when we came home and logged on to MSN. We went for every company event together and boycotted the same gatherings. We endured the childish behaviour of some immature colleagues and remained sane by keeping ourselves entertained and oblivious to the ongoings around us.

We went through the same gruelling Analytics training together and stayed back some week nights to take online exams as well come back weekends to do fruitless revision. I encouraged her with Bible verses when she was down and we made it to one church service together. She in turn was there for me when I had to re-sit one paper and loaned me her manuals after I misplaced mine.

I also now remember with slight amusement how we almost fell out over Brit Boy, which was none of her fault but he manipulated her to get to me and she was really sweet about it and we became closer than before. Hahaha. Stupid Simon.

Love you girl. Always will.

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