Sunday, December 10, 2006
A night of red dancing shoes 

Friday night is free admission at the Asian Civilisations Museum, so Chaz and I had a quiet dinner at the Soup Spoon before walking over to Empress Place.

We went there a few years ago when I tagged along on an excursion for a History module she was doing, but they had recently given the place a face-lift and we wanted to do something different.

To suit the occasion, I wore my preppy outfit of a white top, pleated khaki shirt and a woven scarf around my neck. Plus red shoes from Hong Kong one size too small that killed my feet. And I didn't realize until Chaz pointed out later that we must have looked like twins with her ensemble of a similar white top and black skirt.

Two girls out alone on a Friday night- what a talking point for preying men!

True enough, we stuck out like a sore thumb when we went to Harry's Bar at Boat Quay for drinks afterwards.

We managed to get a table tucked away in a corner of the bar but I think even a Phantom mask could not guise us.

It all started with a sleazy Chinese guy hanging out with a group of Caucasian men kept looking over at me from the corner of his eye, especially when Chaz kept leaving the table to go to the toilet, answer a call and get us more drinks.

I propped my face on my palm with my eyes closed, enjoying the live music from the in-house jazz band. When I opened my eyes, one of them who looked at least a decade older than me was mimicking my action while smiling teasingly and staring straight-on at me.

Contrary to being seduced, I quickly put my hand down and searched with my eyes for Chaz, hoping to send a rescue signal to her.

Sleazy Chinese guy continued stealing looks at me, and at some point his male companion also turned around to face us and the two of them were whispering while blatantly staring at us, making it increasingly uncomfortable for Chaz and me.

Then another one in the group commented deliberately loudly to his cute friend "Look at the two of them at the table, obviously waiting for us to chat them up!".

Thankfully, none of them made actual advances. I suppose we either looked like too distinterested or uninteresting, heh.

After we finished our Cosmopolitan, Chaz decided that it was time to escape. Silly her counted to three and made a mad dash for the door, while I coolly walked behind her.

Seeing as the night was still young and despite my inability to walk with my tortured feet, she decided that the two of us should go dancing.

We made our way to Forbidden City at Clarke Quay and sat right next to the dance platform. It took us a while to warm up, but we soon mustered enough courage and abandonment to leave our bags unattended on the seats and danced to the music.

Once again, two girls out alone at a club on a Friday night and it didn't take long for predators to attack.

She got picked up first and I watched with concern and some amusement as she played taiji with the guy, pushing his hands away as he tried to grope her while dancing. I then got asked by a middle-aged Caucasian gentleman who seemed like he just wanted a partner and led me to dance with him, except I am not much of a dancer and he smiled a lot, not unlike a kind uncle.

Then there was a burst of smoke and flashing lights and I realized I couldn't dance straight while I was being twirled around and quickly sat down with Chaz. Gentleman wanted to buy us drinks but we declined.

We were in the club for about 30 minutes before leaving to take the Night Rider home.

It was fun minus the sleazeballs and Jo who was missing. Next week I guess!

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