Saturday, January 27, 2007
Tanjobi omedeto 

Happy 25th birthday, Shoji!

It was Shoji's first birthday away from family and friends in a foreign land, so we planned a little birthday surprise for him- we sprung up from behind him at the pantry with a cherry rum cake from Awfully Chocolate and sang him his birthday song all of three times.

I also organized dinner for him at Muthu's Curry Suntec City where I had one of the best Indian food in my life and proceeded to Paulaner München to check out the live band and home-brewed beer.

It felt like International Night- we had two Singaporeans, a Thai, a Sri Lankan, two Hong Kongers and a Japanese seated around the table having a drink and a laugh.

We wrote a birthday song request on a serviette and passed it to the waiter, and three songs later the entire bar was singing for Shoji and we managed to get him on stage to sing for the crowd. That guy can seriously hold a tune- Celine, Joe and I were screaming wildly and busy taking photos of him.

Crazy hazy days, good times.

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