Sunday, March 11, 2007
Hong Kong Day One 

It took me forever to get to Hong Kong.

My flight was at 345 but my mum had to run some errands so she dropped me off at the airport 1230, which left me with plenty of time wandering around with my luggage, and when check-in time finally came, the queue was incredible.

More waiting ensured when my flight was delayed and by then my excitement was withering into impatience and anger, and it was 430 before the plane eventually took off.

I slept most of the way in the plane, conserving energy for my night out with the Hong Kong folks.

I called Edna and told her to pick me up from Central station at 9 but I had the good fortune of selecting the slowest aisle in the entire airport- while the visitors in the other aisles were breezing through, it took me an incredulous 45 minutes before I got my passport stamped, luggage taken and Octopus travel card topped up.

Needless to say, poor Edna had to wait half an hour for me and we cabbed to her place at North Point. Poked around her room, saw some photos and made some phone calls before we headed back out to Central for a late dinner and a night out.

Jeff arrived fashionably late right after Edna and I ate our sandwiches and we decided to check out Club 9. It was too early for the party to begin and we hung around doing nothing much- I lounged on the beach chairs at the open air rooftop balcony.

Jeff and I hangin' at Club 9

I was feeling pretty anti-social and didn't bother to chat up new people, so it was pretty boring until Jeff and Mich decided to drag me out for supper at this yum cha place in Lan Kwai Fong.

Meanwhile, plans to meet up the Peter seemed futile because he was stuck at this BU alumni dinner and eventually ended up at Hei Hei, this popular club notorious for their snotty bouncers and people queueing for hours dying to get in.

We decided to walk over and try our luck any way. GUESS WHO I SAW SITTING ON THE RAILING BY THE ROAD?

"Oh my God, T?" I heard someone exclaimed and lo and behold, the Peter was right before me and we hugged for the longest time, not quite believing we finally got to meet.

"You look exactly as you do on FON!" he remarked and laughed, at least there was no shock. For the record, he looks exactly the same as on IB Video too.

A very drunk Peter

Seeing him in the flesh was surreal but awesome- we connected immediately and were pretty much stuck like glue the whole night, dancing together, hanging out at the balcony, more dancing... He wanted me to stay with him till 6, but we left at 430 am when Edna finally pried herself apart from the bar counter. Took a cab back to her place and it's now 5 in the morning, which eats into my plan for tomorrow.

Jeff wanted to bring me to take a cable car ride and see the giant Buddha at Ngong Ping Village before we join the rest at the carnival, but it looks like that would have to be canned in sacrifice for more sleep.

So it's off to the massive Hong Kong carnival tomorrow and some good chow and night market shopping- I will take tons of photos too!

I love Hong Kong!

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