Monday, March 12, 2007
Hong Kong Day Two 

It really doesn't feel like I'm on holiday- this feels like it could fast become my home, and it's only day two.

I was awoken by Jeff at noon today, and I got changed to meet him and Mich at Central for lunch. Edna wasn't feeling too good so I took the MTR downtown alone, and it felt amazing to be able to navigate around a foreign city on my own.

At my insistence, we had lunch at Watami before heading to the carnival near Admiralty. Celine came all the way down from her place at Taipo, and it was so good to see her again. It was slightly drizzling but the rides were still on and we figured we should go ahead anyways. It cost us HKD150 per person with unlimited rides and a big bag of games coupon.

Jeff did not want to get on any of the "scary" rides, so I only tried the Ferris wheel, the rollercoaster and the drop. I really wanted to get on the G-Force but didn't want to spend 2 hours queueing just to get on as well.

The saddest thing was that we used up all our tokens and never won a big prize- there were all these people walking around with human-sized stuffed toys won from the games booth and all I had were 3 tiny ones, one of which was purchased. I know. We're a joke.

We hung around till about 630 before going down to Causeway Bay for dinner. I wanted to try something ghetto, so we literally wandered around until we saw a bao zhai fan place and was ushered into the third storey of an old building, and the inside of the shop was so quiet it felt like we were in a funeral parlour. The food was really good though. The Peter, Maria and Mary joined us soon after.

We went to Times Square to scout for a work suit for the Peter, but it was pretty posh nosh and we decided it would serve him better to visit a tailor. So we walked towards Fashion Street and had desserts at Moon House (or something) instead, and the Peter decided to order a tofu pudding with durian paste which stank up the table.

Take 1 - "Smile nice!" I said

The Peter's most normal face

Time is passing by too quickly- I wish I could freeze time to stay as the weekend forever.

I'm excited to log on from a different location (with a spectecular view of the HK skyline from my window seat, no less) but I will miss my colleagues from home.

Will blog more- a luxury thanks to Edna who actually gave me her entire room to use. Bless her!

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