Thursday, June 21, 2007
Coffeeshop Girl 

I am fast becoming Coffeeshop Girl.

P said that he has been to more coffeeshops with me than he has his entire life, and you know what- I don't think I've spent so much time drinking coffee and contemplating the meaning of life either.

So I've been back for two days and my days are filled with unpacking and packing, running errands, shopping and meeting friends. In between I take a break and what else- lim kopi and read a book.

Today I set a new record by visiting three coffeeshops - Ya Kun for brekkie, Starbucks in the afternoon for girl chat with Alicia, Coffee and Toast in the evening to study Japanese.

There is a word for people like me in Japanese - himajin.

It is nice to see everyone again but I realize that people's lives move on quickly when I am away. Yet it also feels like I never really left, since my life in Japan is so different from my life here it seems like I woke up from a very long dream.

I was excited to come back to Singapore, but the 14 hour door-to-door journey from my apartment in Baba to my place in Bukit Batok left me completely drained. And I was once again reminded that all my worldly belongings are either packed away in boxes or left behind in Japan, and I realized I now see Tokyo as home, and there really isn't much left here for me.

Because my final memories here were with P, I am also constantly reminded of him everywhere I go, and I miss him a lot but I know at some point the fairytale will end. Soon.

I get my visa on Friday and the supervisor at my branch wants me to start teaching immediately, which means my three months of unemployment will end once I am back in Tokyo. I am nervous about going back to work in a new environment, but it would be nice to receive income again.

In the meantime, I have more coffee to drink, more thinking to do and important decisions to make.

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