Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Christmas Eve @ Mamo's 

I spent a perfect Christmas eve at Mamo's, with his much-raved-about homecooked food, bottles and bottles of wine, new friendships built and belly-aching, face-numbing laughter.

My not-so-secret wish for a goukon (Japanese singles mixer) experience was realized when Kaizo whipped out his Love Hige toy and had us in stitches soon after.

The Love Hige was indubitably the highlight of our night- a little devil screwed into a barrel and you had to stick plastic knifes into slots, and when the devil popped out, you had to do whatever was written on the knife. The dares included Yoji staring into Jo's eyes for 10 seconds (she could barely keep a straight face), Mamo baby-talking, exchanging keitai e-mails, the boys rubbing my head, Kaizo smelling Jo's neck, Kaizo farting, Kaizo telling us his story of shame... oh, Kaizo!

I explained to Kaizo that I was a Christian and asked him what he believed in, and there was a 2-second pause before he declared in all earnestness, "I believe in love."

Don't we all?

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