Monday, January 14, 2008
Maybe another night 

"Who's ready to stay out all night?" Haruki asked the table.

Sugu's and his hand shot up, while the rest of us quietly sipped our drinks and contemplated our plan for the long night ahead.

It was midnight, most of them had already missed their last train home and it was too cold outside to do anything. Hibernating in The Hub was an awfully inviting idea, especially since I was in the company of a group of privileged Japanese kids who were highly-educated (3 from Oxford, 2 from Warwick) and held impressive jobs and spoke perfect British-accented English.

But I had been out and about since 7 in the morning and was ready to call it a day, plus I was also planning to hang with my girls in Minatomirai the next day.

At a quarter to 1, I announced that I was taking the last Yamanote home and Shuichi walked me to the South exit. It was less than 5 degrees and we shivered and lamented about the weather.

Good night!

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