Sunday, August 24, 2008
You're my playground love 

On Friday, E and I threw a party at his place for no particular reason except to get our friends together.

We spent the afternoon cooking up a storm- we made watercress salad, Chinese noodles, Japanese rice balls , Hainanese chicken rice, fried prawn fritters and tandoori chicken satay. It was all very yummy and everything was gobbled up by our hungry and appreciative guests.

It was the perfect late summer evening, with the temperature cool enough for us to leave the windows open the entire night.

Since it was also Li's birthday, we threw him a surprise. E even whipped out his violin and played us a few tunes.

For some reason E decided to take photos of me cleaning up the house- he wanted me to send it to my mummy to show her how he has been domesticating me. Funny.

All photos from the night are uploaded here.

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