Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Of streamers and starfish 

My birthday is not in another 2 days, but look what greeted me at home today-

A multi-coloured birthday message streamer, which I intend to keep hanging until we leave Japan because everyday should be my birthday! Heh.

I squealed with delight because I already knew what was in the paper bag (we had looked through the online catalogue together and chose the design).

He got me a Tiffany's Elsa Starfish necklace.

It's simple, classy and understated without screaming the label, and just the perfect size on me. I love, love, LOVE it and intend to be buried with it, thank you very much.

This is in additional to a gorgeous kimono-print Zara dress and organizing two birthday dinners for me- one for just us both on New Year's Eve, and one for me and my friends on the actual night!

I heart my man.

And thanks to Jo for a wonderful night out shopping for art supplies, dinner and a night of break-up songs and belt-our-lungs-out karaoke. Also dedicated to my beautiful new vintage leather handbag which I will pass on to my children, grandchildren and all generations to come, you know I "can't smile with you".

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