Thursday, June 11, 2009
I spy, I spy with my eye 

Last week, I went back to the same eye doctor for a follow-up appointment. After waiting about two hours to see her, I was told that my right eye had actually gotten worse, and my left eye was beginning to develop a dry patch as well. All these despite the fact that I had been applying the lubricant and eyedrops religiously, stayed off contact lens except for that one evening out with ZZ.

"You know, it might help if you tape both your eyes shut when you go to sleep."

I gave her a blank look of disbelief, waiting for her to burst into laughter anytime. But she was dead serious.

"I can give you some tape that would be very gentle on your skin."

I politely refused.

She then went on to explain that it seems the problem lied with the contact lens I was using. That overtime, my eyes had probably developed some kind of allergy to them and I would have to switch to using dailies if I wanted to continue using them.

I was annoyed because I had just bought a year's supply of monthlies in February, and what was I supposed to do with them now that I can't wear them anymore?

But because I'm stubborn to a fault, I decided to take things into my own hands.

On Monday, I put on a pair of dailies that I happened to have. No stinging, no redness, it was perfect.

On Tuesday, I let my eyes rest for a day.

On Wednesday, I put on my current pair of monthlies. Much to my delight, there was no stinging, no redness, a little discomfort but I made sure I kept my eyes hydrated. By the end of the day, I was convinced that I didn't have an allergy as the doctor claimed and happily told everyone my hunch was right!

Today I woke up and realized that my eyes had turned a nasty pink again. Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

I am going to have try out a few brands of bi-monthlies to see if it works for my eyes. I am not a happy trooper now. :(


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