Thursday, June 25, 2009
The Nanyang girls 

Loo, Chaz and I at Food for Thought

Our final two years in high school, we used to spend a lot of our time at Loo's condominium because it was within walking distance from school.

Days spend lounging by the pool, pretending to do homework and study for our exams, talking about boys from other schools, sitting outside the mini-mart and bothering the Uncle who ran it, attending parties at the rented ballroom, stalking a certain cute French who looked like Josh Hartnett (long story).

10 years on, so much has changed.

Loo is putting her law degree to good use by working for the Law Society, after having spent two years doing merchandising for a now-defunct fashion brand. Chaz has been slaving for the same company since graduation and is soon-to-become a civil servant. I am, as always, changing jobs and relocating. Yes, it seems everyone else we know is getting married and popping babies, but us few, we are too fabulously single and enjoying our youth.

We caught up on those lost years, laughed at memories long-forgotten and gossiped about other classmates we haven't seen in years (the wonder of Facebook).

You can take us out of Nanyang, but you can't take the Nanyang out of us.

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