Sunday, June 28, 2009
Take me to the river 

Taken at Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

Today was one of those near-perfect days.

Brina (although she hates being called that ;)) and I decided to get up early on a Saturday morning and spend the day out and about with our DSLRs.

After breakfast at the famous Ah Tong coffeeshop on Keong Saik Road, we wandered from Chinatown to Ann Siang Hill to Amoy Street to Boat Quay to Esplanade to City Hall. We just kept walking and walking, armed with a printed map and a spirit of adventure, and thank God for the great weather!

My highlight of the day was discovering Books Actually, the kind of bookstore where you want to buy everything that on the shelves and wished you worked in or ran a place like this. We must have spend at least an hour inside, and I succumbed and bought the deluxe edition of Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Other Stories.

The funniest thing happened today- we were heading towards Cavenegh Bridge along the Singapore River when his well-dressed Indian guy comes up to us and starts nattering away. Turned out he wanted a video with us on his mobile, and asked that we each say a few lines about Singapore. He was on holiday from Bangalore, and amused, we complied.

He started by saying something like, "Hey guys, right now I'm really tired but I'm here with two beautiful local girls, I've never seen anyone like them before. You know my name, I'm popular, and here is T like the Indian star, and Brina..." and he went on for ages like he was filming his own chatshow! I had a flashback of the time we found instant stardom in Mahabalipuram. ;)

View the slideshow of photos taken today here.

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