Sunday, July 5, 2009
Happy 4th of July! 

I was blessed with yet another wonderful Saturday, this time courtesy of Chaz and Loo.

Loo (with a little help from her mum) had packed us a most lovely picnic with handmade ravioli, canned oysters, camberbert cheese and chocolate pudding. Chaz and I bought red wine and sparkling water. Oh, and they dressed up in 4th of July colours. ;)

We drove up Mount Faber and got ourselves a nice spot overlooking Sentosa and the Keppel shipyard, while being gawked at by tourists and locals alike.

The weather was perfect for taking photos, if not a little hot; but I love being out in the sun and getting a nice tan.

We didn't quite go as far as we would like but still we had a nice hike.

4 more days left in Singapore and I am nowhere finished packing, but there's no space left in my suitcase... I'm going to have a lot of charming to do at the check-in counter on Wednesday night!

View all the photos taken today here.

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