Monday, September 21, 2009
The ghost of the tape-man 

Taken at Northcote High Vibes festival in Melbourne

Another busy weekend!

Friday was dinner at a Nepali restaurant on Flinder's, overpriced dessert and coffee on DeGraves and checking out indie-jazz quarter The Conglomerates at the Bennett's Lane Jazz Bar.

Saturday was picking up our rental vehicle from St. Kilda (you should have seen how excited E was to be driving a 3-ton truck down the freeway), moving half a house full of furniture from Carnegie all the way to Preston (poor E did most of the work cos my arms are so weak!) and then a quiet night in with beer, crackers, cheese dip and wine.

Sunday was returning the rental, dropping off more furniture at my place, the awesome Northcote High Vibes street festival and then off to my first waitressing shift all the way in Epping.

It was a 6-hour long Macedonian wedding extravaganza (they ate and drank and danced from the beginning to the end) and I had to learn to carry heavy plates and juggle holding three plates at once and trayfuls of filled glasses at a very fast pace. I felt really conspicuous for being the only Asian girl in the entire ballroom!

I have to remind myself that this is just the beginning.

You can view the slideshow of all the pictures from the festival here.

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