Wednesday, September 30, 2009
My virgin Tarantino 

Don't judge me, but I just had my virgin Tarantino experience today.

E and I caught "Inglorious Basterds" at the Greater Union cinema on Russell Street, and I loved every minute of it (except the violent bits when I did the girly thing of squirming in my seat and hiding behind him).

In fact, I was thinking we should invite a couple of friends over and do a movie night and watch Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Since the movie was from 6 to 9, we only had time to for a large tub of popcorn and coke during, so we walked down to near Chinatown and had a late dinner at Singapore Chomp Chomp.

A late dinner at Singapore Chomp Chomp on Bourke Street

The price and quality can't quite compare to dinner at the local hawker center, but it was good enough for us!

And my outfit today was inspired by my dearest Mellie -

I miss shopping with you my love!

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