Wednesday, October 28, 2009
all work and no play 

My favourite travel photo of us ever

E asked me last weekend what I was doing over the Christmas holidays, and he put a huge smile on my face when he told me that he was planning to take me on a road trip along the coastline to the border of New South Wales, and then up to Sydney, down to Canberra and back to Melbourne.

Having lived my life as a starving postgraduate student for the last few months, I am really looking forward to taking a break and spending some quality time with him... How I have missed our carefree days traipsing around Asia with our cameras, staying in cheap guesthouses and eating street food!

In the meantime, it is all work and no play for me. I've been doing my teaching rounds on weekdays from 830 to about 430, and then tutoring on weekends. Time not in the classroom is spent in front of my computer planning lessons. I wish I had more scintillating stories to share, but you will have to wait another two weeks.

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