Monday, October 5, 2009
Because Mummy reads my blog 

Taken at the Menzies College Conference Centre on campus

It was my first day back in school after the mid-semester break.

We had a mini-Expo and set up booths to showcase our chosen excursion venue and prepare handouts for our group to use as resources when they start teaching.

The other groups put in so much effort into beautifying their booths, which made us realized we might have been a little underprepared. So the boys went down to the computer lab and carried up a huge potted tree and put it behind our poster. In case nobody could tell we were the Botanical Gardens. :P

As I was going around the hall, I stopped by the booth set up by the Chinese girls who always stuck to themselves. They had unsurprisingly chosen to do the Chinese museum in Chinatown, and they had a running slideshow of random pictures, including the mid-autumn festival and mooncakes.

"Oh, I really want to eat some snowskin mooncake now!" I exclaimed in Chinese.
"We thought you were Japanese!" They chimed in English.
"Huh?!? No, I lived in Japan for a while, but I am Singaporean."
"You're from Singapore?"
"Yes, and I can speak Chinese," and to prove my point I spoke a few sentences in Chinese.

You should have seen the look on their faces.

I had a lot of fun going around photographing everyone else's work, but I was just so exhausted by the end of the two hours!

You can look at the slideshow of photos I took from today here.

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