Saturday, October 10, 2009
Less is definitely more 

Today was really hectic- tramming to school to submit my final assignment (a 2000-word Science essay which had me up till the wee hours!), taking two buses into the city to have lunch with E, catching the train to Chapel Street to be a make-up model for Ali, back into the city to window-shop with Maddy, dinner in Chinatown and coffee at Melbourne Central... And I should be heading to bed soon because I have to get up early to teach in Ginnifer tomorrow.

I read a review in the papers earlier this week for Dahu Peking Duck restaurant in Chinatown and decided to book us a table there tonight. The xiao long baos were absolutely heavenly!

I liked the make-up in person, but it just looked wrong on camera!

It took Ali over an hour to put everything on, and I told her that I don't think I have looked more Asian in my life! But her teacher was really pleased with her work, and i guess it was just a new look for the day. There is just no way I could be bothered with the whole make-up routine- most days I just put on moisturizer and eyeliner and head out.

Less is more, and this was what I wore today, sans make-up before my session with Ali-

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