Saturday, October 17, 2009
My rose garden 

I decided to throw a little house party on Friday for ten of my classmates and friends, just to celebrate the first week of our teaching rounds being over and to share our stories.

It was the first time I was having people over since I moved all the furniture from E's grandma's to mine, and I was pretty excited.

As I was getting the house in order, I went into my courtyard to set up a table and deck chairs in case anyone wanted to be outdoors, and I realized that I had a little rose garden that had bloomed in spring!

I am told that warm soapy water would get rid of those bugs, so hopefully I can give the rose garden the attention it deserves.

The weather is definitely warmer, and it feels even more like home now. :)

Here's what I wore for Italian Day in school on Friday -

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