Sunday, November 8, 2009
The song of the cicadas 

Looking out my bedroom window

You would have thought that because I grew up in Singapore, that I would be used to the heat. But the heat here in Melbourne makes me restless, like I can't sit still and something needs to be done but I can't figure out what.

It is one thing to experience summer all year round, and another to go through 6 months of frigid weather and be suddenly assaulted by a heat wave.

I was in the car with E and his parents last night with the windows rolled down, when the song of the cicadas began to roar, an unmistakable sign of summer.

"Do you know that cicadas spend about 16 years living underground, only to emerge one summer and live on stored energy for up to 2 months before being eaten by birds?" Bruno explained to me as we went down the highway.

Having been a city girl all my life, facts about nature always fascinate me.

And because it was the perfect temperature last night, E decided to drive us down to Half-Moon Bay for a evening stroll at the beach. We got take-out coffee from an Italian restaurant at Black Rock and sat in the sand with our paper cups and looked up at the star-lit sky.

It was nice and tranquil, and made me wish that summer nights like these would last forever.

My bedroom wall

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