Thursday, January 28, 2010
Kiss kiss 

Taken at the Kokoda Memorial Trail

I got four teeth extracted at the dentist today.

After 9 anesthetic shots, my entire mouth went numb within seconds. I tried not to flinch when the dentist approached with metal pliers in his hands. He clamped down on the pliers and I dug my fingers into the arms of the chair while he twisted and pulled on each tooth until it was uprooted.

"You won't feel pain," he promised, but told me to expect some pressure. It was actually scarier to hear everything in my head while not being able to feel anything.

E was a darling to take time off work so that he could come pick me up and take me home. My mouth was stuffed with blood-soaked gauze and I had to communicate with scribbles and texting. He held my hand as the anesthetic slowly wore off and after an hour, I gingerly removed the gauze from my mouth and quickly downed some painkillers.

The bleeding has since stopped and I am thankful that there has been no swelling so far! It just feels sore and a tad uncomfortable, but nothing intense. You can't even tell that I've had any teeth removed, and the procedure hasn't affected my speech at all. In fact, I had Vietnamese noodle soup and an iced coconut drink for dinner (albeit in very small bites and very slowly)!

Hopefully the healing will go well and I'll be able to put my braces on within the next 2 weeks. :)

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