Monday, January 4, 2010
It wasn't me. 

On Boxing Day, a distressed friend posted a message on my Facebook wall to inform me that someone had hacked into my MSN Live account, pretending to me and having conversations with my friends and asking them for money to be sent to a Western Union account in Nigeria. She freaked out and blocked me.

To quote Ahred, "The word Nigeria is synonymous with scam".

I quickly updated my Facebook wall to tell my friends what had happened, and my post was soon flooded with responses. Apparently he had chatted with quite a few of people as me, but most of them knew that it wasn't me from the broken English (hah!). One thought I was drunk.

The same thing had happened to E just a few months ago- a Nigerian hacked into his account, sent out e-mail to all his friends saying that he was holding a concert there but all his belongings had been stolen and that he was stranded and desperate. It was not entirely hard to believe because he was a full-time musician then and frequently travelled and performed in other countries. Some of his non-native English-speaking friends were almost duped into sending money to "him"! The same scammer also went into his ebay account and bought 10 iPhones under his name. Luckily E managed to get the situation under control and he promptly deleted MSN off his computer.

When I found out about my hacker, E and I immediately contacted Microsoft but we knew it was going to take longer because it was the holiday season. Still, it has been 2 weeks and I have not heard from them yet. My friends also tell me he is still going at it, and I worry about what else he can do with my identity. I have changed all the passwords for my other accounts in case he tries to hack into them as well.

So if you think you're talking to me, you're not.

Please do not divulge any information about me to him, and feel free to delete me off your list. I am available on Skype and Google Talk instead!

In the meantime, here are some random pics of us from a few weeks back (I tried to 'cartoonize' them on Photobucket like Mellie but hers look way cooler!)-

E's on a road trip with his best mate and I'm missing him muchly!

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