Sunday, March 28, 2010
the airplane flew right over our heads 

It is Saturday night and I am home alone in my pajamas, being extremely boring and marking my students' homework. E has been working all day on his uni assignments and I know better than to impose my presence on him.

At about 9, I get a text message from E asking me what I am up to, and if I am free to chat in a few minutes. I am immediately disappointed, because a silly part of me is hoping he would surprise me by turning up at my door, but I know he has deadlines to meet and live 45 minutes away.

The next thing I know I get another text that says "Come to the door".

I run to the door and squeal with my excitement, throw myself at E and refuse to let go, and he laughs at my reaction.

Afterwards, we drive to the viewing ground in Tullamarine to watch airplanes. Two of them roar and fly right over our heads to unknown destinations, and we recline our car seats and hold hands.

いま 愛を歌うよ

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