Friday, March 26, 2010
Oh sunny sunny day 

The perk of being back in uni is having a 3-week break mid-semester to catch up on my readings and work on my assignments.

And because I've been dying to visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen (which is only a 15-minute drive away), I got Locky and Megs to come along with me and checked out the Cubism exhibition and the Sculpture Park.

When we had seen everything that was to be seen, we headed down to Abbotsford Convent for lunch and had the most delicious Japanese lunch bento at one of the eateries there. It reminded me of my cafe-hopping days with Mellie in Tokyo!

We whiled the afternoon away talking about school and our teaching experiences (can't help it when you have three student teachers hanging out together), and it was definitely a great way to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon.

You can view a slideshow of the photos taken today here.

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