Wednesday, March 24, 2010
We braved the stormy weather 

By now most of you would have heard about the freak hail storm that hit Melbourne more than 2 weeks ago, and being the backward blogger that I am, I am only posting pictures now.

So E and I were in the car with our friend Tomo when the storm hit.

It had looked to be the perfect Saturday, we had just finished our brunch al fresco at the South Melbourne market and were planning to take Tomo to St Kilda beach to enjoy more of the sun.

We had barely been in the car for 10 minutes when we saw a brilliant flash of lighting in the far distance. And then hail. Ice chunks falling off the sky that I mistook for snow at first- could it really be snowing in autumn?!

We were amazed for the first few minutes, but then the hail didn't stop, and our excitement soon turned into worry when we realized that road visibility was poor because of the low-lying clouds, and the roads were flooded and traffic barely moving. And because we drove through water about a foot-high, water had gotten into the radiator and the condensation process made it look like the car was smokin' up!

In the car, we decided to scrap our impossible plans for the rest of our afternoon and head in the direction of E's instead. What should have been a 20-minute drive home ended up between 2 hours instead.

We didn't really realize the extent of the storm until we checked the news and found out that roads had been blocked off, trains delayed and airport shut down.I'm glad we were all safe and warm in the car and not stranded at the beach where we almost went!

Anyways, the weather here doesn't surprise me anymore.

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