Thursday, June 3, 2010
My not-so-surprise party 

On the last day of my practicum, my students planned a not-so-surprise goodbye party for me.

I was working on the computer when two girls ran up to me, breathless.
"Gerard's on the phone. He wants to speak to you. NOW!"
"Gerard? Are you sure?" The vice principal.
"Yes you have to hurry!"
I hesitated, suspicious.
"Ooooh I think you're in trouble!" The girls giggled.

On the phone, Gerard told me it was standard procedure to have an exit interview with student teachers and asked if I could meet him at his office immediately. It was ten minutes to the bell. I put on my coat and ran down the stairs. I knew what was coming but had to play along.

In Gerard's office we had a chat about how I did and what my plans were, but we were soon interrupted by a  phone call. "Yes I can do that," he said to the called and abruptly ended the meeting. He stood up and ushered me out of the door and back up into the classroom.

Once I entered, the kids jumped up from under the desks where they were hiding.  "SURPRISE!!!!!" They screamed and then burst into a Goodbye song, to the tune of Happy Birthday.

They all brought in food to share with the class and made me a big card (with a yellow pom-pom knob in the middle).

I miss the not-so-little munchkins so!

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