Sunday, June 25, 2006
The best thing that can happen to me 

I watched "Sylvia" on DVD today about the life of Sylvia Plath and her whirlwind courtship and marriage to fellow poet Ted Hughes, sat through their passionate but tumultous relationship...

And then I thought of him.

He makes me so deliriously happy, but I know he has such a great capacity to hurt and break me and it was unsettling how I saw myself going down that same eventual path of loneliness and despair that Huges drove Plath to.

This is the inevitable risk we take when we choose to fall in love with someone.


I was watching the DVD in my pajamas and feeling very lazy on a Saturday afternoon when I received a call from Jack on my cell. He sounded like he was confused and sobbing, which worried me immediately.

"T... I'm in the hospital..."
"Jack?! What happened?"
"I got ran over... Can you come quick?"
"Which hospital are you in? I'll come now."
"I am in... Shang-ri-la hospital."
"YOU LIAR!!! It's not funny you know... I was so gonna rush down in a cab to see you!"
"T. Do you think I'll still be able to call you if I really got ran over by a car?"
"How was I supposed to know? I am gullible this way all right?"
"Hahahahahhha... Anyway, come quick. It's kinda an emergency."
"I'll need time to shower and make myself pretty..."
"Okay, just be here by an hour!"

So I called Joe and we both got changed and took a cab down to the hotel, and I called Jack in the cab and found out that he had invited Christian along, which possibly means he was just feeling bored and lonely in a foreign country on a weekend and needed company.

I found Jack and Christian chilling out in the hotel lounge with their dainty English tea pots and tiny honey jars and scowled at them for dragging me out on a Saturday. We sat there and chit-chatted for a while before I saw none other then my favourite Hong Kong guy strolling by with a cup of iced coffee.

Needless to say, I jumped up of my cushioned seat, screamed in disbelief and ran up to hug him. It was so unreal to see him again and almost pinched myself to make sure I weren't dreaming...

He cooked up a very convincing story of him being on a hush-hush visit for an interview with an important Sales manager for a new post and how the company paid for his flight, hotel stay and cab rides, and that it was a total coincidence that we bumped into him. Even when I was in the cab alone with him to Chijmes, he continued embellishing on his story about how he needed to prepare for his interview by reading up...

Yes, I really am gullible.

It was only when we were all seated at La Viva when Jack confessed that the whole thing was a set-up and that Jeff was really in turn for a weekend getaway and surprise visit...

And so I spent the perfect Saturday evening with my favourite colleagues- Spanish food at Chijmes, CD buying spree at HMV, drinks at Harry's Jazz bar, stroll along the Singapore river and desserts at Fullerton's Bakerz Inn.

We took lots of silly and psuedo-incriminating photos of me and Jeff and I declared my love to him and told him at least five times how happy I was that he was here and begged him not to go back...

He's flying back mid-afternoon tomorrow.

He was so quiet in the cab home and said he was really going to miss us guys and how this visit felt different from his first trip last month. When I had to hug him goodbye, I truly wished I could pack myself into his suitcase and fly to Hong Kong with him.

Oh Jeff.

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