Saturday, April 21, 2007
Missing Baba 

When I was in Japan, I stayed with Peter, his DJ-roommate Alex and Australian-Chinese girlfriend Mich in a two-bedroom apartment in a college town called Takadanobaba, fondly referred to as "Baba" by the locals. It is located on the Yamanote line, a convenient 4 minutes train ride away from Ikebukuro and Shinjuku and 11 minutes from Shibuya.

So safe that I could leave the house unlocked for the entire day when I was out shopping, a convenient 3 minutes walk to the station and near town, surrounded by good food, quaint bars and every type of convenience store imagined to man, I fell in love with the place at first sight.

And I'm missing everything Takadanobaba now.

I miss the store selling bento sets and mochi sticks that went for half-price late at night.
I miss the 100 yen store round the back of his apartment ran by Chinese people and the amazing tofu pudding and bottled Vitamin C lemon water.
I miss the Tatsuya video store which opened till 4 am on weekends and I miss rummaging through the huge collection with him (including an "Adults Only" section which I chickened out of going into).
I miss the walk home with P.
I miss staying up till crazy hours with him watching DVDs and then talking even later into the night.
I miss the time I craved for hot coffee at midnight and we went out in our PJs with a coat thrown on and he brought me to three different convenience stores and asked me how I liked my coffee, then carefully explained the merits of each brand to me (I am not kidding) and we ended up with three cans which I happily finished and kept me up all night.
I miss him calling me Princess for being so undomesticated.

I miss him. A lot.

I can't wait for when he comes to Singapore in 2 weeks!

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