Monday, April 23, 2007

On weekday afternoons I find myself living like a character in a Haruki Murakami novel. Alone, having quiet meals and wandering around town with nothing much to do, people watching, always armed with a book.

This could be a foretaste of what life in Tokyo would be like- I'd be working weeknights and weekends and my off days would be on weekdays when the rest of the world is at work.

My school is located at Hon-Atsugi in the Kanagawa prefecture, 45 minutes by Rapid Express train from Shinjuku, 75 minutes from Tokyo station. I hope to get an apartment along the Odakyu line from Shinjuku to Hon-Atsugi, so it won't take too long for me to get to work nor too far away from the gang in Tokyo, and convenient enough for my friends and family from Singapore when they visit.

Yesterday I had a nightmare that I went shopping and came back to find that my entire apartment had been renovated and all my belongings had been removed from my room and thrown away. I ran around the house trying to make sense of what happened and realized that I had been erased from the family. I stood outside my room and screamed until my head hurt, and this was how I found myself wide awake at 730 am on a Monday morning.

Honestly though, I am enjoying the break after having worked an early shift and clocking 10-12 hours at work while surviving on less than 5 hours of sleep daily for the past 8 months in Analytics. It is a luxury not to be awaken by an alarm clock each day and have time to breathe, just to be myself.

I'm a closet loner.

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