Monday, June 4, 2007
Movie Mania & Choco Cro 

Thanks to P's fabulous iMac monitor and the Tsutaya store nearby, it has somewhat become our nightly ritual to watch a movie and I have seen almost a dozen films in my 2 weeks here.

So far, my favourite has been Lucky Number Slevin while the biggest duds were The Science Of Sleep and the much-raved about Children of Men. (I am making a list, so let me know if you have a good recommendation!)

We spent a quiet Sunday in but decided to head out in the evening to Saint Marc Cafe for a coffee and their delectable chocolate croissant which are baked fresh every 20 minutes and served warm from the oven.

He got all ninety pages of readings for work done while I read the Haruki Murakami novel that Casey gave me for my birthday.

I like a lot!

The pastry crumbles and the chocolate melts in your mouth.

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