Saturday, June 2, 2007
Naan & Namjatown 

P came home from his first day of work today with a present for me- a Tully's tumbler.

I was happier than my reaction showed, because he knows I love coffee and there was no occasion for him to get me anything.

Apparently there is a Tully's in his new office and you get 30 yen discount every time you use the tumbler. I haven't actually been to one, but they're everywhere here and now I have a reason to check it out.

Anyways we headed to the Sunshine Namja Town in Ikebukuro because he had free admission passes. It is a theme park and cartoon museum and contains the gyoza and ice cream museums as well as an area each for cakes, pizza, burgers and Japanese curry.

We shared three different types of gyosa, three different types of Mont Blanc dessert (think vanilla swiss roll with a frozen chestnut on top and covered in spaghetti-like chestnut cream, finished with icing) and being in an adventurous mood (and also being out of our minds), he ordered a wasabi ice cream and I had a curry ice cream.

They were nasty.

I hate wasabi but he forced me to have a lick, and it just tasted like frozen wasabi and milk. Mine tasted like vanilla with Indian curry spices blended in, and you can literally taste the nutmeg, pepper, chilli etc. with every tasting.

Hey, gotta try everything at least once right?

We decided to save money by walking home and we ended up dropping by a nine-storey bookstore which I had to check out (and loooved) and walked past what advertised itself as the "best Indian food in Japan" and P being P convinced me to go in for a curry and naan supper despite all the junk we ate at Namja Town.

"Go in, speak to the man in English!", P egged me on, based on his assumption that all Indian people speak English.

Guess my surprise when I asked him what time they closed and he gave me an akward smile and replied in Japanese. I turned around and gave P a dirty look and he nodded at the Indian and told me it was okay to go in.

Well they didn't lie about their food- it was authentic and spicy enough for my Singaporean taste buds.

They also offered us a free chai and lassi after our meals! Needless to say it is our new favourite restaurant and we might head there for lunch tomorrow, heh.

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