Friday, June 15, 2007
Sexy Sadie 

For some reason, the Nintendo DS Lite has been sold out through out Tokyo - I am talking chain stores and independent retailers in Shinjuku, Akihabara, Ikebukuro and just about every place I've looked.

The reason why I've been coveting one is because of the language learning software you can get for it - P has the dictionary, kanji practice, word games and other random tools that allows him to study Japanese on the go.

We were browsing the aisles of Bic Camera after lunch today and he pointed to a row of boxes behind the counter.

P: Look, they have stock!
Me: No, it's just empty boxes used for display to trick me into thinking they have stock.
P: Yes they do, they have it in all 5 colours.
Me: It's sold out through out Tokyo, why would they have it in the basement here?
P: Why don't I ask? You want to get one today?
Me: I really doubt they have stock.

Imagine my elation when the salesgirl actually asked P what colour he wanted and proceeded to pick it off the shelf and scan it for purchasing.

I wanted white just so it could match my Creative Zen and Toshiba phone, but he insisted I should get a black one so I could trade mine for his.

Everyone, say hello to Sexy Sadie.

I named it after The Beatles' song.

I can't wait to go home and bug Ahred to lend me his games and force my brother to go to Uncle Henry's shop with me!

Then again, I am not so excited about packing for the trip, the two-hour commute from Baba to Narita, and then the waiting for departure, the seven-hour flight, the hour-long drive home... multiply it by two when I am back in Tokyo.

Anyways. I realize I have been pushing myself to pick up Japanese and I spend at least 2-4 hours every day studying. So far I've memorized hiragana and am halfway through katakana, plus I'm going through different conversation topics. I also just bought a textbook for Japanese grammar, and I haven't felt this motivated about learning since I studied Thai in university.

I plan not to lose my momentum the week I am home, and my priority for the trip would be to get my work visa, revise training material for Berlitz and study Japanese.

I give myself till the end of the year to be comfortable in the language.

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