Friday, June 8, 2007

It is turning warm in Tokyo, which is good news for my Singaporean wardrobe.

After a week of being a hermit, I met David for breakfast at Shimokitazawa. It is a ten-minutes ride from Shinjuku on the Odakyu line and also a popular living area for young Tokyonites with a high disposable income. Think Holland V meets Shibuya.

We met at the South entrance at a quarter past 10, and apparently it is too early for anything to happen in yuppyland, so we sat on a curb and ate onigiri and donuts that he packed in his bag. You can bet a 24 year-old Chinese girl hanging out with a 37 year-old American man gathered a lot of stares from passers-by too!

He has been raving about this quaint cafe tucked away in a corner of Shimo that plays only jazz muic and serves the best coffee in Tokyo, so we had to go and it certainly did not disappoint!

The coffee is slightly pricier than norm, ranging from 550 to 850 yen, but each order is individually brewed by the ten'cho who serves the coffee in an exquisite porcelain cup. David said that the cafe was once used as a movie set, and the walls are adorned with vintage art pieces which complements the slightly-worn furniture.

He showed me an album of his black-and-white photography (see his official website) and shared about the time he lived in a fully-sponsored artist community in New York and his passion for creating art, and I told him about my upbringing and life back in Singapore. He is now on hiatus due to lack of funds, but his aim is to work hard and save as much money as he can from his one year in Berlitz so that he can pursue his love for photography again.

It was nice to have someone to hang out and explore places with. We are planning to see Fujiwara and Nakano next, and I certainly look forward to it!

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