Thursday, June 28, 2007

I arrived in Tokyo safe and sound, although I officially dislike plane rides and nearly broke both shoulders from lugging 30 kilos of luggage by myself from Narita to Baba.

The room was in a mess and there is literally a mountain of laundry to be done, but Jo is in town so I have been spending all my time showing her around, and this pig sty of a room will just have to wait to be tidied up.

P and I finally had a trash-it-all-out, heart-to-heart talk the night I was back, which ended up with tears on both sides but clarity. Everything happened too fast for us and there was bound to be some kind of slow-down and return to reality. I don't really wanna talk about this but I will have to decide very soon where I want to go from here. 

Going to Yomiuriland-mae to view an apartment later- it's a social apartment that has a fitness center, a pool room, an entertainment room and weekly room cleaning. It was fully booked when I first wrote them, but I got a call that one room is now vacant and I can move in 14th July. It comes at a really good price too, but the only glitch is that it is about a 20-30 minutes walk away from the station or a 10 minutes bus ride, but let's take a look first. 

It would be nice to get my own space. 

I have to take my exam and deliver my demo lesson tomorrow, and officially start work this weekend with about 6-8 classes a day. I get Monday and Tuesday off so I can run some errands.

So damn tired.

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