Wednesday, July 25, 2007
The Blue Parrot 

Takadanobaba's best kept secret and my biggest weakness.

Tucked away on the third floor of an indiscreet building just 3 minutes away from the station, it offers what I reckon to be the best selection of used English books in Tokyo. They have anything from chick lit to women's studies to religion and philosophy to science fiction to language and travel guides.

I used to be a snob and only buy new paperbacks, but in order to save money and also knowing that I might not be able to bring these books back to Singapore, I decided to go second-hand.

I brought my classmates there after our morning Japanese lessons and they loved it. Susanne actually stayed there for 5 hours.

I've been going there to stock up on books to recover from my trauma of leaving four boxes of books in Singapore. I've bought about a dozen titles since I've got here- I am an incurable bookworm.

Also, I bought a calling card to contact my family and friends, but I haven't figured out how to activate or use it yet... but you might just hear from me soon. ;)

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