Sunday, August 26, 2007
Atsugi rocks! 

Almost everyone turned up today.

It was the belated welcome party for Jen, myself and Ben, plus the farewell do for our super IS Alain and to celebrate our branch being number one in Japan!

I had so much fun chillin' with the staff and colleagues but didn't manage to take photos of everyone because we were split into two tables.

It was all-you-can-drink again, and yours truly wanted to get her money's worth and ended up getting really high on beer. It was compounded by the fact that I had only gotten all of an hour of sleep the night before and had to teach from 8 to 6.

I literally twirled my way out of the Indian restaurant to the station, much to the amusement and concern of the rest, since I lived the furthest away and was returning to Tokyo alone. But I somehow managed to get home in one piece and sobered up by the time I got back to the apartment.

The weekend always flies by!

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