Monday, August 13, 2007
A week of farewells 

Living alone in a foreign land means that your friends become your family. Which makes it hard to say goodbye to them, inevitable as it may be.

Over the weekend I organized a get-together for some of the instructors I met in training, and I brought them to my favourite Egyptian bar/restaurant Luxor in Shinjuku for good food and a round of shisha.

Andrew broke the news (and my heart) that he would be going back to Canada in 2-3 weeks to enrol in law school.

And I was just getting to know him... I will miss him.

Michael went back to Hong Kong on Wednesday and treated us to lunch after Japanese class. We wanted to do French but the two restaurants in the vicinity were closed, so we ended up at the chi-chi Cafe Cotton Club.

He gave us a handmade booklet with prints of his art pieces, and I found out he headed the art department of an international school in Hong Kong!

It's amazing the variety of people I meet here everyday.

So long, farewell, and all the best mates!

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