Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Cafe 89 

Typhoon season. It was raining up a storm up outside, as it has been for the last week.

After dinner at a udon place, he brought me to what he proclaimed to be the best cafe in Tokyo.

I was skeptical. He was insistent.

We ordered a crepe cake, a cafe mocha and a cappucino.

The dessert came first. I took a bite, and it was so good I wanted to cry. I couldn't take another bite. I never want to eat another cake in my life again, it was that amazing. Layers of thin crepe alternated with layers of fresh whipped cream, finished with a top glaze of caramel gelatin.

And then my mocha came, a thick aromatic roast perfect for the weather.

When his cappucino came, I let out a gasp. They had drawn a rabbit with the foam. What the... this is Japan after all. We couldn't resist. Out came the mobile phone camera and we snapped away.

I think I just discovered heaven.

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